“Relationships and how we communicate are the two most important things in our lives.”

Welcome. I am totally committed to improving communication and relationships. I believe communication is more at the core of quality relationships than digging into our deep, dark, past issues.

I created this website because:

  1. Russell Wilkie At WorkI have a passion … Research, and years of experience, clearly shows that effective therapy is not a set of skills or techniques, but a way of being. Communication is no different.
  2. If you communicate differently from the core of your being (with clarity and compassion) your life and relationships can radically change. This is what I do in my office.
  3. I want to give useful information in these pages to individuals and couples — to help them make wise choices.
  4. The articles section has a few dozen articles I’ve written. Most are tools you can use in relationships, and they will give you a sense of how I think.
  5. Coding a website looked like fun and it’s a great hobby for a perfectionist — one little missing character and weird things can happen, so you really do have to be perfect… By the way, if you like “For Dummies” books, and/or want to learn to code, I highly recommend Andy Harris’s “HTML, XHTML, and CSS All-In-One Desk Reference for Dummies.” I created this site almost exclusively using that one book.

Unlike many websites, you will not find me marketing, or selling to you, or trying to get you to believe in “the way,” or a set of skills or techniques. It’s because I am passionate about effective therapy as a way of being, not as a set of skills or techniques to change people.

One more tidbit:

Choosing a therapist is like choosing shoes — you may have to try some on before you find one that fits.

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