Wanting In Your Heart

This month I have my mind filled with the difference between wanting something in your mind and wanting something in your heart.

I suggested to a client that there is a difference, and I have taken a long look at this.

I think that wanting from the mind is an “ego” thing or a “should” thing and wanting from the heart is a “soul” thing.

Recently, I wanted something very much because I thought it would be awesome. But, it turns out that I didn’t want it deeply in my heart, so it was very difficult to get the energy behind it that was needed to push through the struggle of obtaining it.


If I want a great partnership or friendship with my mind, but not my heart/soul, then how much energy will I be able to spend on it?

Gandhi did not want peace with his mind — it was in his heart.

So, I am spending time now in deeper contemplation of what I feel in my heart. It occurs to me that people want to lose weight because they think they should, but in their heart, they don’t want to. If they did, it would be easy.

So, my suggestion this month is to look at what you feel passionate about in your heart and pursue that, not what you think you should.

Until next time, thanks to my clients that allow me to let this material bubble up while in their presence.


Copyright © 2005 Russell Wilkie, MFT

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