Truth Hurts?

We lie. It’s human nature. If you think you don’t lie, think again. If you withhold the truth, then you lie. If you dig down deep, you can always find ways that you tell little untruths, or ways that you hold back truths for fear that they might hurt someone.

Want to get more honest. Try this exercise:

Make three columns on a sheet of paper.

  1. On the left write some things that you are completely honest about, but find it difficult to do at times.
  2. In the middle, record those things that you are less than honest about.
  3. On the far right include those items that you are less than 25% honest about.

Now, right now, this minute, get honest with those things or people on the right, or take a risk and eliminate those things that lead you to be dishonest.

Years ago, I either made this up or I forgot where it came from:

“Honesty only hurts when its withheld.”

I put it up on my wall to remind me to pause and breath… and tell it like it is.

© 2002 Russell Wilkie

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