Office is close to the Pruneyard…

– My cell phone number, in case you are lost: (408) 529-1975

– If your appointment is from 7pm-10pm M-F you will need a key pad number, which I will tell you… After you enter the number you will hear a tone and then you can open the door. Prior to 7:00 or after 10:00, the code will not work.

901 Campisi Way Exterior   Keypad 7-10pm M-F   Russell Wilkie's Office

Coming from Santa Cruz on HWY 17:

-Hamilton Ave. Exit

-Right on Creekside

-Right on Campisi

-Immediate right into the driveway

Coming from Oakland on HWY 880 / HWY 17:

-Hamilton Ave. Exit

-Left turn on Hamilton from the right-most left-turn lane like this:

Oakland to Hamilton Ave. Exit

-Right on Creekside just under the Cal-Train

-Right on Campisi

-Immediate right into the driveway

Suite 350 (Bay Area Psychotherapy Associates) is on the third floor in the opposite corner of the entrance door.

Bay Area Psychotherapy Associates Hallway

In the lobby, flip up the switch next to my name and I will be notified you have arrived.

BAPA Call Lights

Please have a seat and I’ll come out and get you at our scheduled appointment time.

This page was last updated: 05/22/2015

Office is in the Silicon Valley area. Nearby cities include:

Los Altos, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Cupertino, Saratoga, Los Gatos, and Monte Sereno