I debated for months within myself on whether or not to include this page on my website. On the one hand it calls attention to specific groups and titles and, if someone wants to be seen and acknowledged, that can be a good thing. On the other hand, it can be seen as isolating or separating out one group from another. Even the title of the page can create debate over whether the L should come before the G or even if the Q should be included.

Of course this page might also alienate some conservative people…

In spite of all of those issues, I decided to include it because I want to be authentic to myself and honest about the work I do, even if it upsets someone.

It’s my hope that by mentioning my experience with the LGBTQ population that some people can feel reassured. Also, I hope people will not assume that I see LGBTQs as having vastly different issues in therapy, because they don’t. I simply want you to know that I do understand some of the nuances and politics.

Politics aside, I want you to know that regardless of where you are, from questioning, to coming-out, to being in a long-term relationship, you’re welcome in my office.

I’ve been working with people from many alternative lifestyles for over 20 years. I freely admit that I don’t know all of the intricacies involved in things like the ordering of the letters for LGBTQ vs. GLBTQ. However, I have been specializing in this area for so long that I do feel very comfortable.

If you have any questions or would like to chat about your situation or concerns, please feel free to give me call. I’d be glad to talk with you.

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Before our first meeting, please print one copy of this form office_policies_04_02_2009.pdf, read through it, jot down any questions you have and initial pages 1-4, sign on page 5 and bring it to our first meeting.

Also, please print this form, personal_info_form_04_02_2009.pdf complete it, and bring it with you.